Axis Retirement Savings Fund Short Information

Axis Retirement :- Axis Mutual Fund is going to start a new retirement savings fund. If you are considering investing in a retirement plan of a mutual fund, then this plan can be great for you. The new Axis Retirement Savings Fund of Axis Mutual Fund is going to open for subscription on November 29, in which you will have time till December 13 to apply. Axis Mutual Fund plans to raise Rs 800–1,000 crore from the NFO of its retirement savings fund. Explain that this is an open ended scheme, in which you will get a retirement solution. The lock-in period will be up to 5 years or retirement age, whichever is earlier. A new fund from Axis Mutual Fund can help you prepare financially for your retirement. The special thing is that in this scheme you can invest lumpsum i.e. big amount at one time and also through SIP (systematic investment plan). In this scheme, a minimum investment of Rs 5000 and then multiple of Rs 1 can be invested.

What are the options in the Axis Retirement Savings Fund?

By investing in this fund, you will get three special options, which are based on your risk taking ability. The first option is an aggressive plan, where the equity exposure will be between 65 percent and 80 percent. The other option is a dynamic plan, in which equity exposure will be dynamically managed between 65 percent and 100 percent. The third option is a conservative plan in front of you, in which the debt exposure will be between 40 percent and 80 percent. The risk will be the lowest in this plan. Explain that the higher the equity exposure in any mutual fund, the greater the risk.

Iplus SIP Insurance Facility

Under this scheme, the fund house Iplus is offering an additional facility of SIP insurance. This facility will give investors a great life cover that is equal to the rest of the commitments of their long-term SIPs. For example, if an investor promises a 10-year SIP, then at the end of the first year he will be given an insurance cover equal to 108 SIP installments (as many months are left). But the insurance cover will be available only on payment of all 12 SIPs in the first year. If the person dies at the end of the fourth year, his / her nominee (6×12 = 72 SIP installments) will be paid insurance. The fund house has tied up with HDFC Life Insurance Company for insurance cover.

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