Best App For Use in Business (Daily Life)


Okta says most companies are using an average of 16 cloud applications in action now. If you’ve just started trying to figure out which of these cloud-based tools you should use, there are some suggestions you might want to consider.

Windows servers and SQL servers.

Zoho provides Business Resource Planning and CRM tools, as well as e-mail and office-like applications called Writer and Planner. It also has some special tools such as Zoho Invoice and Zoho Creator, which an IT team can use to create their own applications.

Adobe Online Services is known for its PDF tools, but it also offers tools you can use to create web forms and sign contracts online. With this program, you can also share documents, attend meetings, and store files.

Hyper Office provides e-mail, calendars, contact management, and more, all available with your mobile devices.
Calendar is an easy-to-use business calendar to help you be more productive.
Video conferencing applications

Zoom can accommodate 100 participants for 40 minutes free of charge.

Once you download this tool, you can share your screen, record the call, and add notes to the chat function. The process says that the ease of using this tool (for both hosts and attendees) is not surprising that many people start using them today.

Uberconference allows you to have a conversation with several people at different offices at home or work sites; often the conference call is the best way. Today, conference calls for video calls that allow you to share documents and others have been updated. Some of these apps come with attached price tags, but there are some free conference calling options.

No requires any program download to create a “room”. Just do this, and up to 12 participants can click to enter from any device.
Google Hangouts is a popular option because they’re all pre-packaged to use. Because it’s built into Chrome, it’s easy to use for everyone.

Slack video chat is great if your team relies heavily on instant messaging. With a free account, you can hold individual video conferencing, but if you pay for one account, up to 15 people can be used at the same time. One of the best features here is the ability to respond with emoticons that temporarily float on the user’s video and reproduce sound.

Office Suite applications

Most offices rely on office processing programs, such as Word, to manage their business. In the past, you had to pay for software licenses to get them on each computer of your employees’ devices. This is no longer necessary if you move to the cloud. According to Tech Target, some of the best cloud-based office suites that can be removed include:

Microsoft Office 365 is the corporate cloud suite for Microsoft Office. However, you will be able to access the online version of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. It also has webmail, chat, voicemail and video conferencing.

Google Apps for Business is the Google version of these services. Includes Gmail and Google Docs, which work well on Android. E2E says Google is a big competitor when it comes to Microsoft Office 365 today.


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