Google Close these 10 Service in 2019


Google Close these 10 Service in 2019

Google Close these 10 Service :- The year 2019 is in its final phase, preparations have been made to welcome the new year, something is given every year and something to come, like every year, Google has discontinued many of its products and services. Let’s know about Google’s products and services, which will be discontinued in 2019.

1. Google Inbox

Google has decided to close its 4-year-old Inbox by Gmail app. In March 2019, Gmail Inbox was closed. To close it, Google said that it wants to focus on Gmail. Let us know, that Gmail Inbox was launched in 2014.

2. Google +

After 8 years, Google has discontinued its social platform Google Plus. It was competing with Facebook. Google has decided to discontinue its social networking site due to lack of good user feedback.

3. Google URL Shortener

In early 2019, Google shortened the URLs that shorten their URLs. Google URL Shortener is used to convert any large link into a short custom URL.

4. Google Allo

Google has also decided to discontinue its popular app Google Allo Google stopped investing in the Allo app in the year 2018.This app was launched in 2016. Google Allo has stopped working from 12 March 2019.

5. Chromecast Audio

Google launched Chromecast Audio in 2015. Through this device, audio files can be played on any speaker via input from any device.

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6. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming was also launched in the year 2015.It was an online live gaming platform but has been discontinued due to lack of popularity.

7. Areo

Areo has been launched in India two years ago but people did not like it much. Through this app, people can easily get information about the services of their area like if you are looking for a carpenter, then This app can give you information about it.

8. YouTube Messages

YouTube Messaging was launched in the year 2017 which was a direct messaging platform through which users could chat with video sharing.

9. Google Daydream

Google Daydream was discontinued earlier this year. It was introduced three years ago in 2016. Google Daydream was a virtual reality platform for Android users.

10. Google Cloud Messaging

Developers were messaging between server and client through Google Cloud Messaging Platform Google Cloud Messaging can only be done on Android and Chrome.