How Can I Tell If My Internet How to do This


There is a new trend for Slow Feeds (fast food or just do not feel like you) and Slow Travel prove popular. But no one likes the Internet, especially if you pay high speed broadband internet service.

Neutrality Network is Threatening

The internet speed test website appears on mobile devices in this illustration of the photo on 11 June 2018 in Warsaw, Poland. With the US Federal Communications Commission revoking the law that protects consumers from the company.

Some internet providers expect reduced speed at times due to any factor, but acting intentionally to the speed of the Internet made by the Internet service provider (ISP) appears to be almost criminal. In reality, some have been discussing and opposing the rules of new network neutrality that allow your ISP only: the slowest use of your web, also known as the Internet limit.

Internet restrictions have become so bad, that Netflix is ​​in a calm battle with the ISP world. They came to the point of creating their own peculiar smart devices on the Internet: The purpose is to help you find out if the speed of the Internet suits what you pay for and what you pay for each month. Netflix is ​​one of the sites that is performed on this throttling game; It’s not a game, though.

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If you have problems with videos on YouTube or Netflix or even in Spotify audio, you can start testing speed on the Internet. Use the well-known Speed Test service (from Ookla). What speed is painted near the Internet speed promised by your ISP?

After making the first speed test, your benchmark, then use the Netflix speed test tool at based on, in part, on Netflix data (which helps you decide if you have an ISP that intentionally modifies your connection) and compare it.

Two More Ways to Control The Speed of the Internet

Check out Wehe, a National Science Foundation project run by Northeastern Boston University. This large research project has undergone general control over cellular networks.

They also have a broadband test tool on the Internet Health Test site (and you will also automatically contribute a large scale computer science project) to help you view data from your home (or office) via multiple servers and quickly. You can give the idea that the ISPs reduce your Internet connection.

As a YouTube owner, Google has personal personality (euphemism, many?) To make sure you get the best YouTube videos and connections for this video. They have a test tool called the Google Video Quality Report which also has a great project explaining how data is moving around the world. After you open the site, there is a speed report tab for your area.

Try to Get a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

I have a special series for the Forbes Finds section and although I think I know about Internet security and my resources, I learn a lot. I have tested some VPNs and can control early series: What is VPN? and how does VPN work? Other posts coming soon, so I’ll try to update this post with a link.

In turn, VPNs can provide a secret tunnel between you and a destination site like YouTube or Netflix so your ISP can not view your location. Not all the same VPN, to research (or read posts). It’s also another way to compare your main internet connection.I like the idea of ​​Slow Food and Slow Travel, as I say in the paragraph.