How To Create Google Virtual Visiting Card

How To Create Google Virtual Visiting Card

How To Create Virtual Visting Card In Google – Hello friends and welcome to our tech blogging website. Friends, today we are going to talk on a very interesting topic for you again. Today we will talk about this article through How To Create Virtual Visting Card In Google.

How To Create Google Virtual Visiting Card

Everyone knows that from time to time, Google keeps launching new services for its users. Now Google has launched a new service for its users. Through this service you can create your own virtual visiting card on Google. You can put your website profile and social media handle in Google search engine through virtual visting card.

There are many people who have a lot of problem that their name does not appear in Google’s search. Now you can easily bring your profile to Google’s search by using Google virtual visiting card. Let us now tell you through this article how you can make a Google virtual visting card.

How To Create Google Virtual Visiting Card

  • First of all you have to open Chrome browser in your computer.
  • After this, you search by typing Add Me to Search in Google.
  • After this, you have to click on the top result which appears in your Google search.
  • After this, the Gmail ID will be logged in the browser. You will see the profile of that Gmail ID.
  • You have to give complete correct information in your profile. One thing you have to note is that in this profile you have to give the information that you want to make public.

In this profile you have to provide all that information. Which are associated with your profession. What job do you name in it, where have you studied and where do you live. You have to give all this information in the profile.

After giving all the information, click on the preview.

You can check all the profile information by previewing. If all the information in your profile is correct, now you click on the save button.

After this, your Google Virtual Visiting Card is ready to close. After this, if anyone searches you in Google, then your profile will appear in Google.

Note : – Google has named this virtual card “People Cards”. For your information, let us know that the Google Virtual Visiting Card is only available in the mobile version. And you can make Google virtual visiting card in English language only.


Friends, through this article, you need complete information about How to Create Virtual Visting Card in Google. After reading this article, you can also easily create your virtual visting card in Google. After this service of Google, people can see their profile very easily in Google search. Top 5 Best Budget Laptop In India

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