How To Earn Money Online Without Investing ?

How To Earn Money Online Without Investing ?

Now gone are the times when you had to work hard and run to earn every rupee. In today’s technological age, there are many options to earn money online at home. If you give your free time and do some mental work, then you can earn 25-30 thousand rupees in a month sitting at home.
In today’s time, there are many people who earn millions sitting at home, but for that you need a little money, talent and patience. There are many paid jobs available, including writing blogs or creating articles on it.

How To Earn Money Online Without Investing ?

Because there are many people who do not want to invest money or do not have money to invest. In such a situation, they look for some work in which they do not need to spend money. If you also want this, then this article can be very useful for you. In this article, we will tell you about 7 such ways, with the help of which you can earn your money online without sitting at home.

1. Online Surveys

At present, many companies on the Internet conduct online surveys and give their money. However, at this time there are many fraud companies in the market who promise good money for the first online survey but later do not pay any money. That is why you always keep in mind whether the company for which you are surveying online is trustworthy or not.

For this, we are going to tell about two such online survey companies in which you can earn good money by participating. The first is – Google Opinion Rewards, which is a survey of one to two minutes followed by gifts and the second is – Google User Reserch, it takes surveys ranging from 30 minutes to one hour but for this you will get 30 $ to 100 Up to $ can be found.

2. Paid to Click Sites (PTC Sites)

One can earn money by looking at advertisements in such sites. But you can earn limited money in it because you get the task. After completing the task you get the money. These websites have a rule that you can run only one PTC account in a device. In this, you have to click on the ad after seeing it, after which it has to be open for a few seconds or minutes. You will then get the money credited to your PTC site valet. Some PTC sites like Neobux, ClickSense, Prizerebel, BuxP and PaidVerts are quite popular.

3. Captcha Solver

Captcha Solver contains the captcha code given to you. In these sites, captchas are seen at intervals of 10 to 15 seconds, which you have to solve. After this your money keeps adding to your valet. Many of these sites require captcha code to be filled in 10-15 seconds, while many sites have no time limit. Some sites, such as Mega Typers, Captcha 2, Pro Typers, KolotiBablo and Captcha Typers are known to have captcha solvers.

4. Freelancing

Freelancing is the best means of earning at this time. As a freelancer you can make good money using your time without spending anything at home. There are many things that you can do in freelancing such as web designing, article writing, graphics designing. In this you can make unlimited income.

5. YouTube

If you have the talent to speak well and make videos, then you can also succeed on YouTube and earn well. Big youtubers make more than 5 lakh rupees by making a video in a month. Just your videos should be good and it should have good views.
If your videos get good views then you will be able to earn accordingly. To start earning from YouTube, it is necessary to have more subscribers and more than 4000 hours of watch time on your channel.

6. Affiliate Marketing

With affiliate marketing, you can earn unlimited money. At present, facilities are available in online market from news companies to e-commerce affiliate. Just like you are doing affiliate marketing with e-commerce sites, for this you have to share the link of their product on your social media page or anywhere.

If a customer buys that product by clicking on that link, then you get some percentage of its price. Similarly, in affiliate marketing of news sites, you have to share the link of news. You will get money according to the number of people who click on that link and read it.

If you want to earn online at home without any expenses, then you can adopt these 6 methods mentioned above. You can earn the money you want with the methods mentioned in these. Just for this you should have talent and time. If you have both these things, then earning 30-40 thousand rupees by working a few hours at home is not a difficult task.