How To Get Ecom Express Courier Franchise ?

How To Get Ecom Express Courier Franchise

How To Get Ecom Express Courier Franchise? – Hello friends how are you all?  Welcome all of you once again to your own article where today we will tell you another new way to earn money.  So friends, if you also want to start your own business or you are thinking of starting your own business but you are not getting the idea, then today we have brought a lot of work for you.  Stay friends with your entire article.  Today we will give you a great business idea.

What Is Ecom Express Courier?

Friends, if you are fond of shopping online then you will not need to tell what is ecom express.  ecom express courier is an online company that delivers everything you need to your home.  It is the twelfth largest online company in the world, with a turnover of billions.  ecom express courier is one of the most prestigious company in the world.  The ecom express courier runs its business not only in India but in 25 countries.  

This company only has about 1.2 billion customers in India.  You will be surprised to know that this company delivers its order to more than 25 thousand pincodes.  The business of this company spans around 24000 cities.  Jai Company delivers its order to every state of India.  The head quarter of this company is in Delhi, it is a very well known logistic company in India.

What Is Ecom Express Courier Franchise?

Friends, now you must be thinking that ecom express courier runs its business in 29 states of the country, so who would handle such a big company.  How is it able to reach the home of every person in every country.  For this, the company has opened its offices in every city from where your goods are sent to your home.  ecom Logistics Company has a huge network and is preparing to expand its network further.  This company wants to run business by connecting people from every corner of the country.  

For this, this company has also started giving franchisees. If you want, you can take franchisee of ecom express courier company and connect with ecom express courier and open ecom express courier stores in your area.  You can also earn good by taking franchise of ecom express courier company, in this you will be given the job of delivering courier and you will also be paid commission according to the delivery you make.

Ecom Express Courier Investment For Franchisees

Friends, if you take the franchise of ecom express courier company, then for that you will have to invest some money.  You will get ecom express courier franchise only when you have a building.  You have to buy vehicles to deliver goods and you will have to make many other investments.

Nevertheless, if we tell you a rough figure, then you will have to invest at least twenty lakh to three million.  If the land is your own, then your money will be less.

Ecom Express Courier Ground For Franchisees

To take an ecom express courier franchise, you have to open an ecom express courier office which should have space.  You should also have a place to park the vehicles from which you will deliver the goods, and now you should also have space to keep the goods in your store.  You must have at least 1500 square feet of land to open an Amazon store.

Documents For Ecom Express Courier Franchise

If you want to take franchise of ecom express courier company then you must have the following documents for it.

  • Photography email id phone number
  • Ground paper
  • GST
  • Bank account passbook
  • Aadhar card PAN card or voter card
  • Address proof

How To Apply To Take Ecom Express Courier Franchise?

To get franchise of ecom express courier company, first of all you have to go to the official website of ecom express courier logistics.

As soon as you go to the home page, now you will have a contact us option. You have to click on it.

Now a form will open in front of you.  In which you will be asked for some of your information, such as your name, email id and your password will be asked to fill it, you have to fill it all.

Now you have to click on the submit button.

Now the company will check all your documents and after a few days you will get a call or email from the company.

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Ecom Express Courier Profit Inside Franchise

The ecom express courier company benefits its franchisee in different ways.  This information will be given to you by ecom express courier company only, when you get an email or call, you can take complete information in this matter from them.  Nevertheless you can earn around 50000 to ₹ 200000 by taking franchise.


Friends, this was a small information for you in which today we gave you information about how to take franchise of ecom express courier company.  We hope this will prove to be your work information.  Thank you very much for being with us for other similar information.