How to Increase Diversity Follow Simple Steps


Biodiversity is very important for the STEM box, but not always. The STEM field has the biggest prejudice to describe the different cultures and gender. Women hold 57% of occupations, according to the National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT). However, only 26 percent of technology projects, 19 percent of software development projects and 6 percent of technology leadership projects held by women.

If you are a minority race women, the numbers are worse. NCWIT research also shows that only about 3% of the projects in the technology sector are held by Latinas and 1% are held by African American women.

“Looking for population demographics, we state the percentage of women and minorities in the general population, but not much in the STEM workplace,” said Patty Lopez, Senior Platform Application Engineer at Intel, in an interview with Huffington post.

“We know from a user-designed architecture that does not include women from the carbag airbag designs that have the effect of killing, because women are generally shorter and sitting near the wheel,” he said. “We find that women have different symptoms for heart attacks than men, but women have not been collected from clinical trials who have had heart disease …. If we do not belong to different groups in the design process, we find the risk of vitality , innovation and competitive advantage. ”

Minorities that take part in this career are generally not developed, and much more can be done. Fortunately, many schools and companies are keen to diversify STEM.

Increase recruitment measures

One of the main challenges for STEM field diversification is found in the assumptions. The company is one of the minorities and women (deliberately or not), or fails to create a good work for this group.

“The time to make technology companies more attractive to women in the labor market,” says Kieren Jameson, MLIS and Digital Solutions Manager for ETR. For example, companies may remove prejudices in project descriptions by taking a language that has a very good theme (eg, ambitious, active, analytical, determining, determining) and replacing with less powerful gender (eg, collaboration, loyal, reliable, responsive , encouraging). ”

Jameson also suggests setting aside requirements that are not required to perform the task. They say that steps can be taken to limit the injury by taking managers.

“People can give a” blind “manager who has been deprived of gender identification,” he said. “You can track different statistical variables. You can ask a variety of questions during the interview.”

Diversified specialized education

This story demonstrates cultural prejudices against women and minorities in STEM in higher education or in the workplace. There are many contributing factors, including demographic data, but one of the best ways to combat this problem is to provide a better educational program for those who can find more challenges.

In an article about encouraging greater diversity in education, Gary Shapiro of argues that helping to diversify education is the best starting point.

“Personality is our strength of America,” says Shapiro. “This demonstrates our innovation and our economy, just as our innovative success of culture and the Constitution enhances freedom of expression, we can move forward with the use of all our talents.”

There are a variety of specialized training courses around the world, including Girls Who Code, a program designed to provide high school students with the knowledge, resources and skills needed to achieve STEM in computerization.


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