How to register online for Jan Aadhaar Card Scheme?


How to register online for Jan Aadhaar Card Scheme?

Jan Aadhaar Card :- In the cabinet meeting held on 11 December 2019, the Gehlot government has decided to discontinue the Bhamashah scheme, now a new scheme named Jan Aadhaar Card Scheme will be introduced in its place.

As you know, before this there was a BJP government in the state headed by Vasundhara Raje. Bhamashah Yojana was running in the state from August 15, 2014, through which benefits of various schemes were given. For this people were also allotted Bhamashah cards and facilities of online application were also provided through Bhamashah portal. | Recently, the Gehlot government has taken a shocking decision to discontinue the scheme.

Online application process

Application for Jan Aadhar Card will be made free through Jan Aadhar Card portal Mitra, as mentioned in the article before you, this card will be applicable in the entire state from April 1, 2020, before the online application process can be started. As soon as the process starts, you will get complete information step by step in this article.

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What is the main objectiveJan Aadhaar Card-

  • To prepare a data base of the demographic and socio-economic information of the resident families of the state and to provide “one number, one card, one identity” to each family, which recognizes the identity of the family and its members and addresses as documents Have to do
  • Cash benefit payable through direct transfer and non-cash benefit Aadhaar / Jaan Aadhaar authentication.
  • Providing benefits of welfare schemes to the residents of the state near their home and expanding e-commerce and insurance facilities in rural areas.
  • Control and effective operation of e-Mitra system by exchange.
  • Expansion and strengthening of existing technical and electronic infrastructure in the state.
  • Promoting women empowerment and financial inclusion.
  • Determining eligibility of family / family members for schemes of public welfare benefits provided by the government.
  • Recognition of certification as beneficiary’s certificate of survival at the time of receiving benefits of various schemes
  • The main objective of this scheme can be understood from its tagline, which is “one number, one card, one identity”. Through Jan Aadhaar Card, beneficiaries of various schemes will be given to the beneficiaries. All residents of the state are eligible to get Jan Aadhaar card.