How to Remove Your All Data From Internet


You might think that your internet user is really private, but when you access a website, log in, buy a product, send a message or search for search engine results, you will share them yourself. If you find this problem, you will also want to know how to remove the Internet footer.

How to Delete Your Data on Internet

As many people know the years, companies – especially social media platforms – have collected and sold the money, a new revelation of Cambridge Analytica-Facebook that brings to the public’s attention.

This “scandal” is just one example of some of the privacy risks coming from the Internet. Almost all the major social networks have been tampered with in some way or form in recent years and we have not even damaged the surface.

As a person with dozens of online accounts, you need to check online presence. Removing personal information and covering your impact on the Internet is a challenge, but there are some practical steps you can take.

Search Your Name on Google

The first step is to find you on Google. Start by looking for your name. If you have a common name, you may need to look for your name plus other qualifying factors (like your live city).

Not only does this research open your eyes for information on anything, but this will also help you get a kite. In other words, you will tell what to do.

 Delete your social media account

The most important step is to remove social media accounts. Profiles on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube often have a lot of information about you. The key is to cancel rather than kill.

“Facebook seems to offer the option for both killers and eliminators,” explains Security Baron. “Deactivation makes your account ready for immediate return to the site, which involves the process of deleting the stored data and prevents access to information as soon as you enter a two-week quick reactivation period.”


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