Top 10 Tips to Save Mobile Battery


Top 10 Tips to Save Mobile Battery

Save Mobile Battery :- Hello friends, you are welcome once again in another post and today we are going to talk about the 10 tips of the Battery , although of course it is specially said that you can live without bread and water. But not without a mobile phone, but there is some truth hidden in it.

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Auto sync off

When you take a new smartphone, it is logged in with a Google account. The phone is setup only through the mail ID and the App Store is activated. Often people turn on auto-sync of mail after setting up Google account. Notifications come when any new mail arrives due to Auto Sync. Of course, even if you do not use much of the mail, the mail in the background remains connected to the Internet and is constantly syncing. Auto sync also keeps the phone battery constantly in use. Turning off Auto Sync will reduce phone battery consumption.

Low Brightness

Nowadays the display quality of the phone is very sharp, in which the colors also shine well. But let us tell you that the display brightness is also a big reason for battery expenditure. The higher the brightness of the phone, the more the battery will be spent. In such a situation, reduce the brightness of the phone if not needed. The ‘dark theme’ is also becoming a new trend to protect battery consumption from brightness. If possible, always keep auto brightness on the phone.

Charge before the battery drains

If you want that the phone battery does not malfunction and give a good battery backup for a long time, then special care should be taken that the battery of the phone does not get too low. To keep good health of the battery, it is important to charge the battery at least 20 percent at all times, do not let the battery drain too much.

Flight mode support

When the battery of the phone has become very low and there is no option to charge, then it is prudent to put the phone in flight mode. And when necessary, remove the flight mode and make the call. Here, let us tell you that it costs more battery to turn the phone off and on, while keeping the phone on during flight mode is less.

Vibration and haptics set only when needed

Phone calls or messages, along with ringing for notifications, the phone vibrates as well. If you are chatting on WhatsApp, the phone vibrates frequently. In the same way, if you type something, pressing every key will produce a sound. These sound and vibration also use the phone’s battery. In such a situation, try to keep the phone vibration and haptics off if not needed.

Auto lock duration time keep low

After using the phone when you put it on the pocket or table, the screen light of the phone keeps on burning for some time. Some people put their favorite screen savers and wallpapers in the phone, which keep on display while the phone is not in use. But let us know that these features cost the phone’s battery. In such a situation, turn off the screen to make the battery run longer or reduce the auto lock duration time.

Do not unnecessarily keep Wi-Fi / Bluetooth on

Nowadays the trend of wireless Bluetooth headphones is in full swing. Smartphone users are using such accessories in large numbers. It is worth noting that Wi-Fi and Bluetooth also consume phone battery continuously. In such a situation, if there is no need, turn off features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the phone. 

Close the app

If you are playing a game in the phone and you get some work, then by pressing the home button or by locking the phone, you start your work. Even after internet surfing, social media apps or camera use, many people close the home button by pressing them. But let us tell you that just pressing the home button does not completely shut down these functions, but remains active in the backgroud and keeps using the battery continuously. In such a situation, after using any app or feature, close them.

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Stop Location Service

When a new app is installed in the phone, they are also given access to the location. Many such apps are already present in the phone, which keeps accessing the location all the time. These apps are constantly connected to the location service and due to this, the battery is also constantly used. Stop the location service of the apps which are not needed and if not necessary then stop the location service itself.

Backgroud running app de-activate

Like the location service, there are many downloaded and pre-loaded apps that are connected to the Internet around the clock. On the one hand, because of being connected to the Internet, while the consumption of Internet data is also continuous, the battery also continues to be spent continuously. Here too, deactivate the background running of the app that is not needed.