Top 5 Technology Company in 2019 Fast forward


Interestingly – and in some cases – for technology companies have revitalized not only the industry but also the partnership. Since technology has a more important role in companies of all kinds, technology acquisition becomes a long and short investment. This means that the next two years or so will be successful in securing mergers and acquisitions, as companies determine how to keep track of services and products along with others. “Here are nine to remind the coming month.

#5 Shippou

The Shippo merchant platform records 71% growth per customer and “quietly” generates $ 20 million. The company is aiming to capitalize on the $ 4 trillion e-commerce sector in 2020, and the API and the app make technology investments for other e-commerce fortifications.

Large companies looking to see the support of online purchases will probably trigger Shippo to reduce costs and open the possibility

# 4 Coinbase

CoinbaseCoinbase, now the largest bitcoin exchange in the United States, sparked M & A’s discussions when he worked on a former affiliate head and LinkedIn acquisition earlier this month. Coinbase has almost bought a digital rights company in 2017 and has filled the executive list, two signs that the company has prepared for acquisitions or become public.

It’s a real concern about Coinbase’s interest in obtaining other companies, which can make cryptocurrencies exchanges. The $ 1 billion Coinbase coin value, combined with a great impact on the cryptocurrency and healthy financial community, is in a strong position to cure a competitor.

#3 Skybell

Internet of Things has seen some important acquisitions, including SmartThings, Nest and Dropcam. This trend continues with Amazon’s new decision to buy smart security pin business for $ 1.1 billion. SkyBell, an intelligent video-clever rider, looks like it could be the beginning of this trend, due to the strong B2B patent portfolio and business portfolio.

With the acquisition of Ring by Amazon, the eyes of Google, Walmart, ADT,, Samsung and others: Amazon can “have” access to the main door by providing a security package for low-cost smart houses built around the Ring. Therefore, SkyBell and patents can represent the necessary acquisition targets for other large companies that rely on front door or video bells for long-term success.

# 2 Slack

In the summer of 2017, the speaker stopped thinking of Slack; in June it was reported that Slack focused on increasing half a billion dollars at a price of $ 5 billion. Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Salesforce were all interested in obtaining office communications platforms. And this makes the behavior: the attraction of Slack acquisition lies in the ability to act as a central point for technology companies, hosting everything from casual conversations to mark performance.

Most eyes are on the Amazon to pull the trigger to get Slack. With a $ 9 billion price, Amazon can integrate Slack with a virtual storage system, Amazon Web Services, to make its subscription better and add a user base (it’s great).

# 1 Netflix

Netflix streaming entertainment company has long been focusing on rumors, the latest in terms of Apple. Among the merger of US $ 52.4 billion from The Walt Disney Company with the 21st Century Fox, many experts believe that Netflix will require strong distribution and acquisitions for the race. Netflix’s original content is rewarded, but limiting customer and debt limitation will bar the brand’s growth with no major players.

Speculation states that the payment of the single tax reform law to companies for the recovery of international money could result in Apple’s manufacturing of gigantic proportions. Apple has a lot of money – which Netflix can use – and the industry has led Apple to make media acquisitions for years.


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