What Is Data And Database? How Many Types Of This ?

What Is Data And Database? How Many Types Of This ?
What Is Data And Database?

What Is Data And Database?  How Many Types Of This ? – Hello friends how are you?  I hope you all will fine.  Today i am going to give you a very useful information. In today’s article i will tell you about data and database , In today’s article i will give you all informations about data and database, I also tell you about how many types of data and how many types of database ? so friends if you want that information so please read my article till last.

What Is Data And Database ?

Friends, if you also spend your time on smartphone or computer, then you must have heard about the data or database. But friends many times we are confused whether the data and data base is the same or the data is different and the database is different, if you too have confusion about it, then today your confusion will ends here .

 We will explain the difference between data and database.  and explain what is data and what is database. If you also want to know what is data and database, then read articles carefully till last .

What Is Data

Friends information and data both are same things.  In this word everything is a data like a,b,c,1,2,3 everything is data. Dat is denoted in a single information as example if you read in a school so only your name is a adata data. 

What Is Database

the group of data and information is called database for example if you read in a school so the school management saves your database in their record . your database is your name, your father name ,your class, your roll number ,your date of birth ,your address this all the group of your information is a database

How Many Types Of Database

friends now i definitely sure that you will know everything about data and database and your doubt will have cleared,  now i am going to tell you the types of database. there are three types of database model.

Relation model

Network model

Hierarchical model 

Relation Model

This is a very powerful model of database. This model is same as network model , in this database model we denote informations in table foam. In this relation model information stores in row and columns.

Network Model

Network model is also a powerful database mode, In this type of model all informations are linked to each other . In this model we stores information like a network structure

Hierarchical Model

Let us explain this to you by an example. It is a data base model in which all the information is stored like a tree, just as many branches come out in a tree, in the same way the same data in this database Many data are generated from.

The Components Of Database-

now i am going to tell you the components of database, there are three types of components in every database system

Application program


Database user

Application Program

The main work of application program is manage all database management system. If we want to manage all database so we will have need application program.


DBA means database administrator. This DBA is the manager and controller of all database every information is controlled by DBA.

Database user

databas user is a very useful and important component of databas system,  jn the database user we can search our dat from any where. 

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Friends this article is ends here, in today’s article I told you about dat and database. definitely sure that you likes this information. If you have any query so please comment us.