What Is Zip File And What Is The Use Of Zip File ?

What Is Zip File And What Is The Use Of Zip File

What Is Zip File And What Is The Use Of It ? – Hello friends how are you ? I hope you all will fine.  Friends today i am going to give you a very useful information . In today’s article i will tell you about It . In today’s article you will know everything about zip file and i will also tell you the uses of It.  Friends if you want to know about It so read my article till last carefully .

What Is Zip File ? 

Friends, when you are operating your computer, then you must have seen the option of zip file name, we are sure that you must have heard about the It  at some point, but there are many people who don’t know about the zip file. If you don’t have information about the It, so today we will tell you, what the It ? and where it is used ?

Using a It is more when we download a big file, you must have seen when you are downloading a big file such as a movie or a big document, then you will see the zip option in screen. With the help of It, all the big movies and big games are downloaded.

Sometimes it happens that we have to download a lot of MB file from computer or send it from one computer to another, if we send normal then it will cost a lot of data but if we convert it to It and send it So this saves very little space and also saves data.

Why We Use Zip File? 

friends now you will think that what is the use of zip file?  actually It  is used for compress our files. With the use of It  we can easily sent our files from one device to another device . It takes very few space in our computer. 

How To Make Zip File ? 

friends if you also want to make zip file so you have to follow some steps which given below.

  • First of all you have to go on your file which you want to compress.
  • Now you have to click on location option.
  • Now you have to copy all files in a folder, after that you have to do right click.
  • after right click you will see a menu option you have to click on “add to achieve” option.
  • Now you will see that the files will compressing in your screen.
  • It’s take a few minutes to compress file,  it’s depend on your file size.
  • After sometime your file is convert in zip file and you can use zip file for sharing. 

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How To Unzip File

Friends if you have convert any file to It and now you want to you again convert this file to original file so you have to do unzip that file. If you want to unzip your file so you have to follow steps with given below.

To unzip any file you have to download a software which name is WinZip WinRAR. 

Now you have to open this software , in this software you will see a menu option. you have to click on menu option,  in this menu you will see extract option , after that you have to select those file which you want to do unzip and click on start unzip.

After that you will see that your file is being unzip. After few minutes your file will totally convert in unzip file.

How To Put Password In Zip File ? 

Friends if you want that no anyone else can access your It so you have to put a password in your It,  if you want to put password in your It so you have to download a premium version software. with the use of premium version software you can easily put password in a It is.


Friends this article is ends here,  today i told you about zip file and i also told you that how to unzip a file?  if you have any query so please comment.  thank you