WhatsApp Update New Feature Very Benefit in Lockdown

WhatsApp Update :- A large demand of people in the lockdown has been met by Facebook-owned company WhatsApp. The company has also increased the number of group members for video calling on WhatsApp. Android and iOS users can now connect to 8 people simultaneously in a group via voice or video call. Before the introduction of this feature, a maximum of 4 members could be connected in WhatsApp group. With a feature that includes eight members, WhatsApp wants to give a tough competition to Google Meet and zoom conferencing apps.

Significantly, most people have come to know about the utility of WhatsApp Update in lockdown and have now introduced lockdown special stickers to make platform chatting more fun. The sticker pack, launched during the lockdown, is named ‘Together at Home’. WhatsApp has partnered with the World Health Organization (WHO) for this.

This sticker pack of WhatsApp expresses the feeling and emotion of people across the world during lockdown. These stickers are currently available only in English but the company may soon introduce them in other languages ​​as well. WhatsApp introduced the sticker feature 2 years ago. Now stickers are an important part of WhatsApp chat and people all over the world use them to express their feelings.

Indicates mood

This sticker pack is named ‘Together at Home’. The sticker pack depicts the mood of people locked in the house during lockdown. In this pack, in a sticker you see a person with a laptop who is wearing pajamas. This sticker shows the status of ‘Work from home’.

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WhatsApp Update sticker pack will also be available in Hindi

WhatsApp has just launched this sticker pack in English. It will soon be introduced in 10 other languages ​​including Hindi including Arabic, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Purtgish, Russian, Spanish and Turkish languages. This new sticker pack of WhatsApp is only available in WhatsApp’s app which can be downloaded for free. With this new WhatsApp sticker, people will be able to connect with each other in lockdown much better.