Why Your Laptop Shut Down Again And Again 5 Reason


Why Your Laptop Shut Down Again And Again 5 Reason

Laptop Shut Down :- 

However, the computers are intelligent and have an in-built self-protection system which prevents them from being shut down when heated. But still, there are some reasons why your laptop or computer may stop running.


This is a common problem that can occur with any laptop. Although there are fans inside to protect from heating, their protection from dusty soil is important. If these wings are covered with dust, then they do not work properly. To avoid this, keep paying attention from time to time that your video card fan, case fan, processor fan are not making any sound. If you feel like this, give it some time to clean it.

Hardware malfunction

This is also the reason for the computer or laptop to shut down automatically. In this case, you must look at the hardware: such as RAM, CPU, motherboard, power supply, and video card, etc. If you have installed any new hardware and the laptop or desktop is closed, first remove this hardware and then see if it shuts down now.


If you have been using your laptop for a long time, then it may also shut down due to the battery running out. In such a situation, if you put it in charge, then your work will start back. But if you are used more then take out the battery and see how many amperes it is, if your laptop needs more than that, then replace it.

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Wrong charger

People who play games more often need a higher voltage charger. If you also play more games, you can use a charger of 100 volts to 240 voltage. If up to 90 voltage chargers are used, then this problem can happen to you. This is because games require more power.


You may be aware that a virus can shut down your computer. Viruses can also come from the use of the internet or any application. Many times when you buy a laptop it comes with virus protection. Also, keep a good anti-virus installed so that there is protection from viruses.